Classic crossing of mount Taygetos

A classic crossing of mount Taygetos

  • Taygetos
  • 2 – 4 days
  • From €250,-

Crossing its gorgeous ridge with stunning views. A classic mountaineering excursion, one of the best of its kind in Greece, of high aesthetics. Mount Taygetos is the highest mountain of the Peloponnese with a height of 2404 m and certainly one of the most impressive and interesting mountains in Greece. It forms a very long ridge on the north – south axis, which starts from Arcadia and ends in the area of Mani. This ridge also defines the border between Laconia and Messinia. The mountain slopes fall sharply in the east into the Sparta plain, while the elevation towards the Messinian west side is more complex and has many deep ravines. This crossing can be chosen from different starting points and altitude meters. Max height in the ascent is 2000 Hm. Only for experienced hikers.

Offers of activities:

  • One day hikings
  • Crossing in winter ( mountaineering )
  • hiking and yoga

Duration: 2 – 4 days
Difficulty: Difficult – very difficult
Saison:  All year ( winter ascent possible )

From €250,- depending on the number of participants, activity, duration and transfer.

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