The highest mountain in Greece

The highest mountain in greece

  • Olympos
  • 5 days
  • From €500,-

An absolute classic!
An ascent on the mythical mountain of gods! It is the highest mountain of Greece with a huge reputation, not only in history but also in the beauty and nature.
Majestic summits, high plateaus, deep gorges are waiting for you!
It is a 5 days trip, including arrival and departure.

DAY 1 : Arrival at Litochoro village at 293 m. This is located at the foot of the east side of the mountain and is the main starting point for an ascent to Olympos.

DAY 2 : Ascent to the ”plateau of Muses” at 2630 m. via Petrostrouga – Skourta route and sleeping at a refuge.

DAY 3 : Climbing to the summit, 2918 m., via ”Louki” route. The ascent is a little bit technical but not really difficult. 
Afterwards we ‘ll descend and stay at another refuge at 2060

DAY 4 : Descent to the ”Prionia” location and finally we ‘ll hike back to Litochoro via the beautiful Enipeas gorge.

DAY 5 : Relax day. We are leaving in the early afternoon to Athens and stay for 1 night.

Duration: 5 days ( The hike can be done also in 2 -3 days. Just for experienced hikers )
Difficulty: Middel – Difficult
Saison: June – October (Also winter accents possible. Just for mountaineers)

From €500,- depending on the number of participants

The tour can also be done in 2 or 3 days. This is only recommended for experienced hikers with good stamina. The Enipeas Gorge is not included.

This hike is done with a local certified mountain guide!

What do I have to bring?

  • Shoes suitable for the hike
  • Suitable clothing, depending on the weather and season, clothing to change
  • Sunscreen (sunscreen, sunhat, sunglasses)
  • Backpack with provisions (snacks and at least 1.5 liters water)
  • Good basic stamina is a must!

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