Experience the harmony of body, mind and soul with yoga

Through the asanas (physical exercises) you learn to consciously feel and perceive your body again, thereby improving your body awareness significantly. The breathing techniques, help you get centered, calms your nervous system and turn your attention inward. With the conscious relaxation at the end of each session, you recharge your batteries and give you the time to connect with your inner light.

Achieving the communication between the soul and body is a learning process about ourselves and accepting the world within and around us. Consciously be the creator of life.

Our honest willingness, sincerity and love for ourselves is the key of transformation and change !

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We offer:

  • Group classes
  • Personal training
  • Yoga on the beach
  • Sunset Yoga
  • Workshops
  • Yoga and hiking
  • Yoga holidays
  • Meditation

Yoga equipment are provided

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