The highest mountain of the Peloponnese

The highest mountain of the Peloponnese

  • Taygetos – Sparta
  • 3h – 6h
  • From €75,-

Mount Taygetos is Peloponnese’s highest mountain with an altitude of 2404m (7887ft.) and it’s for sure one of the most impressive and interesting mountains in Greece. It forms a very long ridge, on the north – south axis, which starts from Arcadia and ends in the area of Mani. This ridge also defines the border between Laconia and Messinia. The mountain slopes fall sharply to the plain of Sparta in the east, while towards the Messinian west side, the relief is more complex with many deep ravines. Some of them were ancient passages used by the Spartans for their invasions to Messinia. The extent of the mountain with many peaks over 2000 m (6561ft.) and the particularly interesting relief make it a kind of paradise for the hiker / mountaineer. The mountain offers countless hikes of all difficulties, with the duration varying from a few hours to more than a day trekking. Our hike is the classic ascent to the top and is located on the eastern side of the mountain. We start from a water source at about 1000 m (3280ft) altitude and enter a beautiful coniferous forest until we reach the mountain refuge at about 1500 m (4921ft.). From there on, the alluring path leads us to the top where there’s a small chapel dedicated to Prophet Elijah. The view from the mountain top is wonderful and if the weather is clear you can even spot Crete’s mountains.

We also offer night-time climbing to the top in order to see the sunrise. A particularly striking phenomenon happens then as the peak’s shadow forms a perfect pyramid over the Messinian Bay.

Duration: 6 hours (we can start the hike from the refuge (which we reach from a dirt road), the duration is reduced to about 3 hours)
Difficulty: Medium – Difficult
Saison:  All Year ( Also winter ascents possible. Just for mountaineers )

Offers of activities:

  • Multi-day hikes
  • Technical crossing from the northern part to the southern part of the mountain
  • Yoga and hiking at Taygetos

From €75,- depending on the number of participants, duration and transfer.

What do I have to bring?

  • Shoes suitable for the hike
  • Suitable clothing depending on weather conditions and season (change of clothes)
  • Sunscreen (sunscreen, sunhat, sunglasses)
  • Backpack with snacks and min 1,5L water

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