Alpine ascents on mythical peaks

In contrary with what many believe, Greece has high mountains that can offer us all the aspects of mountaineering.

You will be touched by the wild and pure aura of the Greek mountains and you will be guided to the feeling of freedom. 

Mountaineering is about being connected with your abilities, trust and spirit of your partner. Mountaineering is not going to make you a better person but it’s going to show you what you really are.

We offer alpine tours:

  • Olympos (North Greece)
  • Gionna (Central Greece)
  • Vardoussia (Central Greece)
  • Parnassos (Central Greece)
  • Helmos (Peloponnese)
  • Taygetos (Peloponnese)

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We offer:

  • Guided alpine tours in summer and winter in the highest mountains of Greece.
  • Mountaineering courses for beginners.
  • We provide the basic equipment except the mountain boots. For groups and individuals.

Our offers: